Hello world!

I’m Audrée and my girlfriend is Lee. We are in the process of buying our first house together, if everything works out, it should be ours by the beginning of next month, or soon after.

The house is a small bungalow built in 1971 in a quiet family oriented neighborhood right in the center of town. There’s a school right at the end of the small U-shaped street it’s on and it’s close to all the restaurants, stores and activities. It has been renovated a little over the years. Mainly by the last owners. It seems like they’ve done the best they could with the resources they had, for instance, all the floors have been updated but each room is a different color. We think they must have gotten deals on leftover materials and tried to make the most of what they could afford. The problem with that is that the general feel of the house isn’t cohesive and it lacks attention on the finish details. Generally speaking the house isn’t bad it has great bones and we have big plans to bring it to its full potential. 

We are both creative people and enjoy working on projects. We plan on doing lots of work ourselves in order to save money and stretch our budget as far as we can. We decided to start this little blog as a way to keep track of all the progress we will be making. We hope it’ll remind us to take before/during/after photos and will give us something to look back on.

 We are so excited to start this adventure 🙂

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