Slow but steady

Well, this has been one of the most frustrating week ever. What started off great with the bank quickly went downhill, lack of communication, hidden fees, unexpected delays, etc. Everything just seemed to pile on and on. Luckily my work schedule is fairly flexible and I was able to closely monitor our file and its progress with the bank… and run around all over town as well. Without this flexibility, the help and advice of our notary and the last minute efforts of the bank director which we involved in our situation as we weren’t getting answers otherwise, I doubt we would have made it.

But we did and we are now so much closer to closing in on our house. All the necessary paperwork was signed at the bank and at the notary on Wednesday, all accounts sorted up, all cheques deposited. Now we just have to wait. The current owners are signing the house over to us, late this afternoon. Which means…

Official move-in date: TOMORROW January 31st, 2015 🙂

The plan for our move consists in moving in all the furniture and setting it up in the basement so its livable during the renovations. All boxes of stuff will be piled in one room (in the basement as well). Hopefully the weekend will be enough time to get that done and the renovations can start by Monday.


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