Week 1

SUNDAY – DAY 1 – The excitement over our new house is there, we are feeling pretty hopeful and quite motivated, first up, scrapping off those terrible popcorn ceilings. We started a bit in the master bedroom and a bit in the dinning room (both spots where there was cracks) and therefore an easy spot to start in.  The first few pieces went down like it was nothing then nope. It wasn’t moving. We tried everything and only got itty bitty pieces to fall off.

Slightly discouraged, we started looking for other ways, googled and you-tubed away. It seemed like water was the solution, it would be messy but oh so much easier than just scrapping, we decided that’s what we would do the next day, in the articles and videos they said it took about one hour per room, perfect!

MONDAY – DAY 2 – Lee was off and I was working so she went on the hunt for the water sprayer everyone recommended using. Four stores later she realized that it’s winter and garden water sprayers are out of season… she tries one last store – a garden center – and miracle, she finds exactly what we need.

She cautiously puts a plastic tarp down and tapes it to the wall to prevent any water from getting in the electrical outlets, sprays a few coats of warm water a few minutes apart from each other, climb up on the ladder, and… still nothing. Our ceiling have apparently been painted over time and time again and the water doesn’t reach through to the actual popcorn. The water doesn’t help us at all, back to square one…

Feeling quite discouraged and hoping to accomplish at least a little something, we decide to take a trip to Wal-Mart and get some little stuff we need for the house.

TUESDAY – DAY 3 – We are annoyed and determined not to let the popcorn ceiling win this battle (plus at this point we have 4 small different spots scrapped in 3 out of 4 rooms so there’s no backing out). So we try scrapping once more, a friend recommended using an ice scrapper, but that either doesn’t help. We persevere and make very slow progress. 3 hours later, we have about 1/6 of the master bedroom done. It’s now been over 10 hours of hard work and minimal result to show for it… That’s it, we give up and decide to drywall over the whole thing. 1/4″ drywall shouldn’t be too heavy to lift up and we realize the extra 300-400$ the drywall, screws, putty, etc. is gonna cost us will be well worth it and save us lots of time and pain.

WEDNESDAY – DAY 4 – On a productive note today, our exterior door handles got delivered in the morning. We had to do a few errands at night, one of which meant meeting up at Home Depot with my dad and his trailer to pick up drywall for the ceilings. We decided to go with 1/2″ thick and 12′ long boards since for our floor plan that meant a lot less cuts and joints and therefore a much easier installation process. We inquired about the cost to rent a drywall lift too, we hope to get that on Sunday and do the entire drywall install then. In the mean time, we piled the drywall in the living room and installed the back door handle.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 1 - Day 4 - Original

THURSDAY – DAY 5 – We took a little break from the renovations tonight to celebrate Lee’s promotion at work  aside from another short trip to Home Depot to pick up a stud finder and chalk line. It feels like we go there almost everyday, and we’ll probably keep going there every few days until we are done renovating too but at least we’ll be well equipped next time we have a project we want to do.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 1 - Day 5 - Original

FRIDAY – DAY 6 – Between work and hockey, we ran out of time to work on the house. No progress today but we have big plans as to what we want to accomplish this weekend.

SATURDAY – DAY 7 – Today was drywall prep day. While Lee was at work, I spent time with my dad trying to figure out and mark where the strapping was so that we could figure out which way to install the drywall and where to screw it in. The stud finder we bought didn’t work at all so we ended up winging it. A few screws in hand, a drill, some trial and error, a bit of logic and 4.5 hours later we were done. Generally speaking strapping is installed every 16″ on center, in our house it’s anywhere from 16-24″ on center and not always straight across which made it quite the challenge to figure out but it’s done now. Tomorrow we can start installing the drywall, finally!

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 1 - Day 7 - Original


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