Week 2

SUNDAY – DAY 8 – Finally drywall installation day, it’s been a long and frustrating week with the infamous popcorn ceilings, it is so great to finally see some progress. We rented a drywall lift from Home Depot (total time/back/arm saver). It was well worth the 37$. While the boys where working on the bedrooms, I managed to rip the molding off everywhere on the main floor except for the living room. Between my dad, my brother and I, we managed to install all the drywall in about 6 hours. I was quite exhausted and sore by the end of the day but wow what a difference it makes already. I can only imagine how much brighter the house will be once we are done painting all the ceiling with a fresh crisp white. Doesn’t it look so much better?

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 2 - Day 8

My dad offered to do all the drywall compound for us which is a huge help as we are not the most experienced with it and that’s probably the most important part of new drywall. Hopefully his work schedule will allow him to get a good head start on it during this week.

MONDAY – DAY 9 – Lee was off all day today so she got to make great progress on the house, removing the remaining moldings, scraping the caulking around where all the moldings used to be, patching up the walls, cleaning up all the dust and leftover pieces of drywall, etc.

I picked her up once I got off work and we headed to Ikea to start designing our kitchen, we selected the doors, colors, handles, counter tops and made good progress on the plan in the 3 hours we were there but we realized we needed to start shopping for our appliances before finalizing the kitchen dimensions.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 2 - Day 9

TUESDAY – DAY 10 – Our trip to Ikea last night made us realize we really needed to start looking into which appliances we wanted as we need their dimensions to be able to finalize the kitchen. Unfortunately Lee was working tonight, so all we managed to do is some online shopping to get an idea of the caracteristics and features we would want. We also realized how difficult it is to make major appliances decisions online and decided we really needed to go in store and physically see the ones we liked online.

WEDNESDAY – DAY 11 – This evening, we went to Futureshop to finalize our choices of appliances . We selected a range, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave simply based on their look, price and features. We quickly looked at their size but not fully as we were quite tired and hungry. We decided to double-check them all online tomorrow not only for sizing but also to check out the reviews and comments on each one.

THURSDAY – DAY 12 – After looking up the appliances we selected yesterday we realized that we had made great choices as far as the stove and fridge went but the microwave and dishwasher we had looked at had quite a few bad reviews. We selected new ones online which had much better reviews. When we get a chance we’ll pop into Future Shop again and make sure the new choices we’ve made online are good.

In the meantime we caught up on the blog a little bit by uploading all the pictures we had and finally posting the two posts we were supposed to post a week ago.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 2 - Day 12

FRIDAY – DAY 13 – Great progress today, my dad was able to come start the first coat of drywall compound in the living room this afternoon. This evening we went to the lighting and flooring stores to check out the selections and give ourselves an idea of what we want. We marked out the new kitchen dimensions at the house only to realize we didn’t like the refrigerator placement… So we decided on a new totally different plan.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 2 - Day 13

SATURDAY – DAY 14 – Today I prepared the living room for its second coat of drywall compound (scrapping down any rough spots) while my dad put the first coat in both bedrooms and most of the dinning room.


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