Week 3

SUNDAY – DAY 15 – After a very disappointing trip to the furniture auction, my dad and I headed to the house to do more work. He got to work on the drywall compound while I prepped both bedrooms for their second coat. Then at night Lee and I took our very first trip to Lowe’s and based on this first impression: wowee! That store is amazing… We decided on ceramic tiles for the bathroom and kitchen floor, the tub surround tiles, the kitchen back splash and the tub surround mosaic. We also decided on the pendant lights for our new kitchen design.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 3 - Day 15

MONDAY – DAY 16 – Family day in Ontario which means Lee gets 3 straight days off! Today she manage to prep the living room for its third coat of drywall compound as well as the dinning room and kitchen for their second coat. She also removed both bedrooms doors and door jams and the laminate flooring in the dinning room which revealed… parquet flooring! And some slight water damage which confirms the need to re-do the caulking around all the opening outside (which we already knew about and are gonna tackle this spring).

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 3 - Day 16

TUESDAY – DAY 17 – Lee and my dad managed to rip up the entire parquet flooring along with the old wood paneling that previous owners had used as sub-floor… say what!??

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 3 - Day 17.1AudreeLeeBLog - Week 3 - Day 17.2

Later during the evening Lee and I took the tile samples we bought from Lowes with us to Ikea to confirm their color beside the cabinet and counter-tops we selected for our kitchen. It matched perfectly, we are so excited to see it all put together!

WEDNESDAY – DAY 18 – Third straight day of work for Lee at the house. Today she removed the laminate flooring from the second bedroom which thankfully had real 1/4″ sub-floor under it. But… after removing the laminate flooring in the master bedroom she discovered some old vinyl tiles. You know the ones that were glued down with tar… Those will be fun to take out.. Not. In the mean time, she got a head start on patching the walls while my dad came and put the third and final drywall compound coat in the living room as well as the second coat in the master bedroom.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 3 - Day 18

THURSDAY – DAY 19 – No progress.

FRIDAY – DAY 20 – No progress.

SATURDAY – DAY 21 – No progress on the house per say, simply picked up some more drywall compound at Lowe’s and shoveled the driveway for a few hours as we had a major snow storm yesterday evening and all day today.


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