Week 4

SUNDAY – DAY 22 – Today was all about cleaning up and filling up the trailer in preparation for another trip to the dump. While my dad added the second coat of drywall compound to the dinning room and then the second coat in the second bedroom, I was able to remove the living room flooring and the “sub-floor” that was under it. My mom came to help me sweep and put the trash and other unwanted materials in the trailer. Together we removed little by little the vinyl tiles that we in the front entrance closet. By the time we finished that, Lee showed up and helped me remove all the shelving in the walk-in closet.

MONDAY – DAY 23 – No progress today, but this e-mail made us very happy, we will definitely be taking advantage of this offer:

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 4 - Day 23

TUESDAY – DAY 24 – My dad was able to bring the chipper over tonight so we were able to get started on the ceramics removal. That machine itself must weigh a good 30-40 pounds… It was HEAVY! We started in the kitchen and took turns doing one row of tiles each to give our arms a break. We managed to get the whole kitchen done in only about 2 hours (tile removal and leftover grout scrapping too) which is pretty good. We decided to call it a night after the kitchen since the bathroom wasn’t quite ready to go (still had the toilet and vanity to remove), we were both hungry and our arms were already quite sore. Luckily my dad’s work will allow him to borrow the chipper again over the weekend so we’ll get going with the bathroom then.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 4 - Day 24

WEDNESDAY – DAY 25 – We are at the point in the renovation where we want to finalize our choices of materials and start informing ourselves of the deadlines for delivery so that we don’t end up stalled for a few weeks simply because we didn’t think ahead and order our materials in time. With that in mind, we decided to go to Ikea tonight to finalize our plans and get info on the time frame needed. We were happy to find out that we could have picked up our kitchen right there and then if we had been ready (which we aren’t quite yet… hopefully soon). The associate that helped us what quite helpful and pointed out some important items we hadn’t thought of. Our kitchen plans are now finalized šŸ™‚

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 4 - Day 25

THURSDAY – DAY 26 – No progress at the house per say but we did pick up a dinning table and chairs that were given to us by our friends.

FRIDAY – DAY 27 – No progress.

SATURDAY – DAY 28 – Today I was fortunate enough to have my dad’s help. Together we removed the toilet and the vanity so that we would be able to remove the ceramic tiles everywhere. We also removed both the tiles and the drywall on around the bathtub. Finally we opened up the basement ceiling so we have access to the joists that need repairing.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 4 - Day 28.1

We loaded all of that in the trailer which my brother took to the dump before coming back to remove all the bathroom tiles for us!

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 4 - Day 28.2


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