Week 6

SUNDAY – DAY 36 – No progress at the house per say today. Lee was off exceptionally on a Sunday so we took the day for ourselves spending some much needed quality time together. We did sit down to discuss the flooring options. We both agree hardwood is the better option as long as we can find a price we are comfortable with. We looked through all the samples I picked up yesterday and eliminated a few of them completely. We picked our two favorite color and are now debating between the favorite color which is more expensive and the second favorite which is a little darker than we’d like but at a better price.

MONDAY – DAY 37 – No progress today.

TUESDAY – DAY 38 – This evening I got to go to the house to clean up and organize all the tools so that it’s easier to find what we need. Aside from that no progress as Lee is out of town for work.

WEDNESDAY – DAY 39 – No progress today.

THURSDAY – DAY 40 – No progress at the house per say but we shopped around this evening and confirmed our choice of bathroom vanity.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 5 - Day 40

We also went to yet another flooring place to see more hardwood, we got a flyer in the mail yesterday with a great sale on hardwood so we decided to check it out. Unfortunately they didn’t have any colors close to what we were looking readily but the sales associate there did mention that this particular hardwood company does custom coloring and even though it can take up to 5-6 week, the price was excellent and we decided to go ahead and request a sample made in our color, hopefully it looks good and we can get it from them!

FRIDAY – DAY 41 – No progress today.

SATURDAY – DAY 42 – Originally the person who finished our house’s basement had divided it in three good-sized bedrooms but that left an awkward shaped room with 7 doors right at the bottom of the staircase. The previous owners had knocked out one wall in order to turn one of the bedroom and the awkward space into a family room. In doing so, they discovered a structural metal post and had left it as is.

Looking at the structure of the house, the positioning of the metal post made absolutely no sense, it was nowhere near the beam and therefore was obviously not part of the original structure of the house which meant that someone tried to fix something and based on everything else we found in this house we figured it probably wasn’t done right.

A simple look in the ceiling with a flashlight through the opening where the wall used to be revealed that someone had once cut an upside-down V in the joist causing it to weaken and bow downwards. After removing the ceiling drywall in that area we realized that 3 joists had been cut like that and now needed to be replaced. So this morning, my dad and I drove to Home Depot to get 3 brand new joists, we are estimating the replacement of the joists to be a full day’s work so we are gonna need to set a day aside to work solely on that.

In the meantime, we installed the plywood in the kitchen where the ceramic will be in order to give the floor more strength (helps prevent the ceramic tile from breaking/cracking over time) and also to made the future hardwood floors and ceramic tiles as level as possible.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 5 - Day 42


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