Week 7

SUNDAY – DAY 43 – While I was playing hockey, my dad finished installing the plywood in the kitchen (the last few pieces on the edges) as well as adding the third coat of drywall compound in the dinning room and kitchen. After my game, I picked up my mom so she too could come help, she got started “mopping” the ceilings, to remove as much dust as possible so that we could inspect the ceilings for any bumped/scraped/rough area and circle them with a pencil, My dad followed behind her patching where needed while I vacuumed as much dust of the ground as possible.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 7 - Day 43

We decided early on in the construction to get a licensed electrician and plumber to do any electrical or plumbing work needed. Both my dad and brother have enough knowledge to do the work themselves but it is always preferable to hire an expert. And generally speaking much quicker too. Luckily for us, my mom’s uncle is a licensed electrician, he is now retired and take the leisure of deciding which jobs he wants to do and which he prefers to pass on depending on the work needed. He was able to swing by the house today and look at the scope of work:

  • Drill holes for three pendant lights and add junction boxes in the attic as well as a light switch by the side door;
  • Verify what the mysterious switch at the bottom of the staircase connects to;
  • Replace the dinning room dimmer switch (the knob currently there is broken);
  • Verify where the mysterious extra wires not connected to anything in the dinning room junction box go;
  • Move the plug currently where the fridge will go to the next stud on the left (so it is usable in the dinning room);
  • Add a dedicated plug for the fridge in it’s new location;
  • Add a dedicated plug for the microwave in it’s new location;
  • Move the plug behind the future pots and pan drawers up so it is above the counter rather than behind the cabinets;
  • Add a dedicated plug for the dishwasher;
  • Verify if the kitchen sink light fixture is connected on a 3-way so that there is a dimmer beside the sink and a switch by the side door;
  • Make sure the movement detector outside is connected on a switch by the side door;
  • Add two plugs in the newly built half-wall.

We had quite the to-do list but he agreed to do it for us (we are paying him of course). We agreed to get my brother to go in the attic for him and pass him the wires though so he wouldn’t have to as it’s getting difficult for him to navigate tight spaces with his age. I left him a house key and he said he’d go buy the materials needed and get started the next day.

I also left a voice-mail to the plumber we met with two weeks ago to see when he could come by.

MONDAY – DAY 44 – This afternoon while we were at work, my mom’s uncle came by and made good progress on the electrical work. This evening, I got started on sanding the ceiling touch up patches my dad had done yesterday and making sure they are all absolutely perfect and finally ready for primer. I manage to do both bedroom ceilings, vacuum the dust in those two rooms and in the bathroom as well as clean the tub.

Our electrician also stopped by to ask me a few question and explain his progress which was much appreciated. He installed pigtail lights for us on all our ceiling lights which will be such a big help as the sun sets quite early around these parts during winter.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 7 - Day 44

He is gonna stop by tomorrow to finish as much as he can while he waits for my brother’s help to wire the pendant lights in the ceiling.

TUESDAY – DAY 45 – What a frustrating day! Lee was off so she went to the house, she sanded the living room ceiling, removed the plywood in the second bedroom which revealed as-expected-but-not-wanted the same vinyl tiles as there was in the kitchen, living room closet and master bedroom.

She then noticed a note from our electrician and that’s when the day when downhill. I was at work so she sent me a picture of it in which he stated he couldn’t figure out what the mysterious switch and wires were connected too, the cost for materials and for his labor which was already a lot more than planned and the work isn’t even completed yet. Lee also began sending me pictures of things that she felt where maybe not quite right… Then began the emailing/calling/texting between Lee, me, my mom, dad and brother to decide what to do next.

With much frustration and annoyance, we all decided that it was better to have my brother finish the work as we didn’t trust what was being done and didn’t feel like spending a ton of extra money to fix issues that should never even have been issues. I’ll elaborate on this more in a separate post eventually but this picture sums up my feelings…

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 7 - Day 45

We took a trip to Rona to get some needed materials and got back to the house where my brother began correcting our electrician’s work as well as fixing other electrical problems in the basement. In the meantime, Lee and I sanded the walls in the master bedroom, circled problem spots and patched them. We also cleaned out the laundry room, the previous owners had left us a bunch of random junk and leftover materials that we hadn’t yet had time to go through and organize/throw out.

WEDNESDAY – DAY 46 – Lee was off all day again today so she was able to make good progress at the house, she sanded the last few patches in the master bedroom, vacuumed it and mopped all the walls and ceilings which now means that the master bedroom room (including its walk-in closet) is now officially ready to be painted!

She also did a quick sand of the walls and puttied everywhere needed in the second bedroom, bathroom and living room. My brother stopped by for a little bit to wire the junction boxes for our new pendant light.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 7 - Day 46.1

I managed to get a brand new bathroom light fixture that we liked from work for a really good price, we had to exchange it for a customer as it didn’t fit properly above his bathroom mirror because of a bulkhead so I quickly sent a picture to Lee who approve it and brought it home with me.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 7 - Day 46.2

Once I got there this evening, Lee and I got started on chipping away at the second bedroom vinyl tile flooring, we got a good 1/4 of the room done in about an hour and a bit. It would be probably faster to use the chipper but we wanted to make progress tonight and the pieces were coming off in big enough chunks so we just kept going.

THURSDAY – DAY 47 – Our plumber called this morning to say he just got back from a big job out of town and confirm he’d be able to come work on our house tomorrow afternoon to do the rough we need. Then on my lunch he called again to say he had a cancellation and could be at our house in the next fifteen minutes if that worked for us. Umm, yes!

I went and unlocked the door and showed him the material we bought, he mentioned there was a piece missing for the rough in the tub/shower kit we bought so I went to Home Depot and ended up buying a completely different kit before bringing it to him. I left for work in the meantime but less than an hour later he called to tell me he was done and that I could come lock the door. He walked me through the house and showed me what he did and it’s perfect. We are so thankful that our experience with him was the total opposite as the one with the electrician. And now that means we are officially ready to drywall the kitchen and tub walls this weekend, yay!

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 7 - Day 47.1

This evening I continued chipping away at the second bedroom vinyl tile flooring, my mom came for a it and helped cleaning the chipped up tiles and Lee got to do a little bit more sanding before it got to dark to see.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 7 - Day 47.2

FRIDAY – DAY 48 – Today I was able to finish removing the reminder of the vinyl tiles in the second bedroom before having to leave for hockey.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 7 - Day 48

SATURDAY – DAY 49 – My dad and brother came with me to Home Depot to get materials to move forward with the construction (insulation, acoustic sealer, drywall and drywall screws). Both of them had to leave shortly after but I stayed and removed the old damaged insulation in the open walls of the kitchen in preparation for the new one that will be put in tomorrow.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 7 - Day 49

This evening Lee and I sat down and figured out how much of and which exact colors of paint we want/need to get. We will be ready to paint the living room and both bedrooms this week and want to take advantage of the buy one get one free paint sale currently on at Home Depot. Every penny we can save is a bonus.


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