Week 9

SUNDAY – DAY 57 – What a tiring day of sanding today. The majority of the kitchen, dinning room and living room ceilings are sanded along with the few touch ups that were patched during our prime check of the two bedrooms.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 9 - Day 57

The waterproof drywall was moved into the bathroom as to free up access to walls everywhere else, a vacuum was passed everywhere on the main floor in order to get rid of as much dust as possible, the sound insulation that was previously in the tub wall was cut and reinstalled around the added niche. Finally, my dad’s friend also stop by to measure the broken window pane in our living room and give us an estimate to replace it.

MONDAY – DAY 58 – Tonight after work, Lee and I finally finished sanding the remainder of the kitchen walls and ceiling. In the meantime, my dad installed the waterproof drywall on the bath tub walls.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 9 - Day 58

TUESDAY – DAY 59 -Tonight I sanded the remainder of the dinning room walls and ceiling. My mom cleaned both the living room and dinning room ceiling so those are now ready for paint. My dad did more drywall compound touch ups wherever was needed.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 9 - Day 59

WEDNESDAY – DAY 60 – Today Lee managed to prime the kitchen/dinning room/hallway ceiling and wow what a difference it makes! When we painted the bedroom ceilings, we noticed the difference and were happy with the result but unsure whether it was worth the time/trouble/money fore the difference it made. Seeing the kitchen and dinning room though wow, the difference is huge, it makes the whole house feel so much more open and airy. I cannot wait to see the final result!

This evening we went to Ikea to officially order our kitchen cabinets, taking advantage of the “get 100$ back in Ikea gift cards for every 1000$ you spend on an Ikea kitchen” event. A few items on our list were unfortunately back order due to the volume of orders going through during the event, we will have to go back in the next few weeks every time an item is back in stock but generally speaking, the kitchen is ordered and will be delivered next Saturday! Now we just need to make sure the house is painted, cleaned and ready for the delivery.

THURSDAY – DAY 61 – No progress today.

FRIDAY – DAY 62 – No progress today.

SATURDAY – DAY 63 – After a quick trip to Bath Depot to check out their vanity faucet selection, I headed to the house to get working on the first coat of paint in the kitchen/dinning room/hallway as well as in the living room with my mom’s help.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 9 - Day 63.1

My dad also stopped by just long enough to do the first coat of drywall compound on the bathtub walls.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 9 - Day 63.2


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