Week 10

SUNDAY – DAY 64 – Happy Easter! Because of the holiday today Lee was off which meant we got to spend a rare day off together! We celebrated by sleeping in, eating leftovers from Friday’s supper for breakfast and catching up on episodes of Big Brother Canada. Late afternoon, we decided to head to the house and got painting, we put the second and final coat on the master bedroom walls as well as the first coat on the second bedroom walls. We were hoping to get to prime check the kitchen/dinning room and living room ceilings but it got too dark for us to see so we called it a day and went back to catching up on episodes.

MONDAY РDAY 65 РMy mom tagged along with me today, we started by going to the house to do all the necessary touch ups (kitchen/dinning room ceiling, living room ceiling and second bedroom walls) which  prevented us to paint any further as we had to wait for that to dry.

Wanting the day to be productive, we decided to run errands. We stopped at Ikea as 4 of our back-order pieces we in stock and got those added to our delivery. We made a few non-house related stops including bringing a Tim Horton’s Iced Cap to Lee at work before heading to Lowe’s to get the mortar, grout and trim for the upcoming ceramic installation as well as yet another box of drywall compound. We dropped all the materials at the house and only then realized we forgot a bag at the Lowe’s cash register… Of course by that time, the store was closed so we couldn’t call them, fingers crossed we can pick it up without any issues tomorrow.

TUESDAY – DAY 66 – Today, Lee got to sanding all the touch ups I puttied yesterday then managed to put the final coat on the second bedroom walls as well as the first coat of actual paint on the living room ceiling. Both bedrooms are now officially done!!!! Well minus the walk-in closet walls.

Tonight, we made a stop at Ikea to get one of our back-order pieces which was now in stock. Then we headed to Lowe’s to return the shower/tub faucet as well as to pick up and actually return the stuff that was in the bag I forgot there yesterday. It turns out that my mom and dad already had all the tools we needed which they’ve agreed to lend us so we saved 30$.

WEDNESDAY – DAY 67 – Putting her day off to good use, Lee painted the final coat of paint on the living room ceiling and in it’s closet’s ceiling, put the first coat on the kitchen ceiling and put the first coat on the walk-in closet’s walls. It is so rewarding to see all our efforts coming together.

This evening we picked up our custom made hardwood samples and they look amazing! We are now officially ready to put the order through.

THURSDAY – DAY 68 – No progress today.

FRIDAY – DAY 69 – Tonight, we removed the electrical baseboard heater bellow the living room window so we can properly putty around there. My dad also put a coat of drywall compound on the staircase walls and a second coat on the tub walls before patching the hole left open from moving our bathroom light to be centered above the new vanity.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 10 - Day 69

To finish off the day I went to the flooring store and put a deposit for our hardwood floor.

SATURDAY – DAY 70 – Today was a big day for us on so many levels. For starters, our kitchen was set to be delivered at any time between 8AM and noon. My mom went to the house to wait for them in case they showed up while I rushed to IKEA to pick up the remaining 4 cabinet frames we were missing on our delivery (they were back ordered), without these, we would have been unable to start putting our kitchen together.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 10 - Day 70.1

I got back just in time to see the delivery guys pulling in (:

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 10 - Day 70.2

They brought in all of kitchen parts, all 198 packages of it. We got them to put them in the living room for now, until we are ready to install them.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 10 - Day 70.3

My dad’s friends came by with our new window pane and replaced it for us. No more top to bottom crack in the middle pane!

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 10 - Day 70.4

We laid ceramic tiles down in two different patterns and debated which to choose before finally selecting the 1/3-2/3 over the straight installation for the kitchen.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 10 - Day 70.5AudreeLeeBLog - Week 10 - Day 70.6

We did all agree that the straight installation would look better in the bathroom as it is to narrow to have a nice effect with the 1/3-2/3 style. We questioned whether have two different layout of the same ceramic about 10 feet away from each other would look weird or not and decided it wouldn’t and both rooms would be more pleasing to the eye with their own pattern.

We then started the installation… My dad guided me and offered advice, helping mostly by doing the cuts for me since he hates laying tiles. I have to admit it is not my favorite job either. It is much more challenging than it looks what with trying to keep them all even and flush. But I’m glad I learned how and was able to do it myself nonetheless. We made good progress having about half the kitchen done in one day on top of everything else happening.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 10 - Day 70.7

My dad did run into quite a few issues cutting them though as they would chip pretty badly every time. A few tiles also broke in pieces. A few swear words may have been said but we worked through it using the wet tiles cutting instead of the usual diamond blade cutter. The edges are mostly gonna be under the cabinet and/or molding anyways so it didn’t really matter, it was just frustrating.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 10 - Day 70.8


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