Week 12

SUNDAY TO WEDNESDAY – DAYS 78 TO 81 – No progress was made by us during this last week as we took a trip to Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba to enjoying a much needed vacation and celebrate Lee’s birthday. My mom did manage to assemble all of our kitchen cabinet frames though which is a great help.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 12 - Day 78to81

We stayed at the Memories Paraizo Azul Beach resort and loved it! The weather was perfect and the ocean crystal blue, just what we needed. We are back refreshed with energy and a nice tan (: We are ready to get this house finished and move in, we have less than a month to go before Lee’s family comes to visit and we got to get it done.

THURSDAY – DAY 82 – I had to go back to work today but Lee had an extra day off so she got right to work, painting the kitchen ceiling. She went to Lowes to pick up more ceramic grout and to IKEA to get a dresser which will serve as storage in our bathroom.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 12 - Day 82

FRIDAY – DAY 83 – Tonight after work, I went to the house and sanded all the kitchen walls (including the half-wall). My mom helped clean the walls and vacuum while I finished grouting the 3 remaining tiles.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 12 - Day 83

SATURDAY – DAY 84 – Today was quite the busy yet productive day, which is just the way we like them. We got a call yesterday saying that our custom hardwood had arrived at the store and was ready for pick up. This was a welcomed surprise as we weren’t expecting it to arrive until next weekend. My dad and I went to pick it up and unloaded it in the living room while my mom cut the end of the boxes open, this allows the hardwood to breathe and acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the house.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 12 - Day 84.1

After a quick lunch, my mom and I primed the kitchen walls and the half-wall while my dad got started re-installing some of our light fixtures (now that our ceilings fully done). He installed the 3 pendants above the island experimenting with different height so we could decide which option we liked best as well as the ceiling fan in the dinning room. He had to leave shortly after but my mom and I kept working. We sanded the bathtub walls before putting a first coat of paint on the kitchen walls and the half-wall. We also quickly painted the first coat on accent wall in the living room. We set up a few fans on the freshly painted walls and left.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 12 - Day 84.2

After Lee finished work, late at night, we decided to go back to the house and paint the final coats on the kitchen walls, the half-wall and the accent wall in the living room. We left the fans blowing on the wall for the night. This way, we will be ready to start the kitchen cabinet installation tomorrow!

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 12 - Day 84.3


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