Week 13

SUNDAY – DAY 85 – Kitchen installation day is finally upon us! We selected an Ikea kitchen (with the new Sektion frames), got all the pieces (well all the pieces that were in stock) delivered to our house a few weeks ago. My mom finished assembling all the cabinet frames while were away on vacation last week (thanks mom!). So today worked out to be install day. With no experience, we learned as we went, ventured out a couple time to get screws and my dad’s table saw. All the rails are now installed, the cabinets have legs (well the bottom ones at least), they are all hanging in their position on the walls, and most of the cover panels are cut to size and installed.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 13 - Day 85.1

We are hoping to finish cutting and attaching the remaining cover panels shortly so we can move on to permanently fixing the cabinets to each other and to the wall before finally putting up the drawers, shelves and door. This step is so exciting because we can finally start having a real visual of how things are going to look!

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 13 - Day 85.2

Oh and my mom managed to clean the bathroom and put the first coat of ceiling paint while my dad and I were working on the kitchen 🙂

MONDAY – DAY 86 – No progress today.

TUESDAY – DAY 87 – Lee was off today but had quite a few errands to run. She did manage to work on the house a little bit, mainly on sanding and puttying so that we can finish painting. she also managed to put the last coat on the bathroom ceiling. ALL ceilings are now fully painted, YAY!

WEDNESDAY – DAY 88 – Lee worked at the house all day, puttying, sanding and cleaning the living room and dinning room walls so they would be ready for paint. It always seems like this is the never ending part, every time you think you’re done, you notice another little bump or scratch and decide to fix it thinking it’s the last of it but as you go to sand, you notice another one. It seems to never end and at some point you just have to let it go and accept that no matter what you do this is construction and it is impossible for the wall to be absolutely perfect. That being said, the walls are now fully ready to paint 🙂

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 13 - Day 88

Oh and Lee had just enough time to put the first coat on the bathroom walls.

THURSDAY – DAY 89 – Tonight we made a quick stop at the house to paint the second and final coat on the bathroom walls so we can be ready for tiles this weekend. Our ball hockey season started this week so now on top of juggling work and everything else, we have two ball hockey games every week. On and Lee’s family is coming to visit on the May 22nd to 24th weekend and they are planning on staying with us, in our house, which is currently not even livable, pressure is on 🙂

Good news is, Lee was able to order our appliances today and set a delivery date (May 12th) so at the very least, even if the house isn’t fully finished, we will have appliances.

FRIDAY – DAY 90 – Tonight, I picked up my mom and we headed to IKEA to get a few more of our back-ordered pieces that recently just came back in stock as well as select light bulbs for our entire main floor. We decided to go with the LED bulbs, though they are a lot more expensive upon purchase, they are said to last 10 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs and more importantly, they consume 85% less energy. This means we shouldn’t  have to replace them for years and our electricity bills should actually be lower than before.

SATURDAY – DAY 91 – Today I installed the bathroom light fixture all by myself. After watching my dad and brother remove and install various fixtures around the house, I realized it was actually quite easy to do, so I decided to give it a shot and it worked (:

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 13 - Day 91.1

After that was done I started the bathroom floor tile installation. My grandpa came over to land a hand. He and my mom painted the dinning room walls.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 13 - Day 92.2

Later tonight, Lee and I borrowed my dad’s truck and went to pick up a couch. My mom’s coworker was looking to get rid of her condo sized couch quickly and was giving us a good deal so we took advantage of it. We are not yet sure where we will put it but we feel like it will be a good fit for either our basement living room or office/craft room. While we were in the area we also stopped at Lowe’s to pick up a few more supplies.


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