Week 14

SUNDAY – DAY 92 – Another full day at the house! Today I laid as many more tiles as I could in the bathroom, the only ones missing now are the ones with curved or other weird cuts that require the use of the grinder. I will wait for my dad for those as I’m not quite confidant enough to give it a try by myself.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 14 - Day 92.1

While I was working on the bathroom, my mom cleaned all the windows, inside and out, and wow what a difference that makes, we can see outside now! I’m excited for the day where construction dust won’t be everywhere anymore.

My grandpa came to help again today, my mom and him emptied the living room closet (which is really our main entrance closet) from all the materials and tools we had stashed in there and he painted the walls for us. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for all my family’s help, I don’t think we would have made it without them.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 14 - Day 92.2

Finally to finish off the day, we installed the gazebo cover in the backyard. The previous owner left us their gazebo knowing it was on it’s last summer and not wanting to have to take the frame apart mid-winter. It’s kind of perfect because our neighbor on that side is always outside and until we have the time and budget to do work on the backyard and create privacy somehow, this does the job as we can simply leave the side facing him shut at all times.

MONDAY – DAY 93 – My dad finished work at a decent time today which allowed him to come over and help me with all the weird cuts and angles needed to finalize the bathroom tiles. Once everything was cut and ready to go I mixed a batch of mortar and got started tiling while my dad installed the remaining metal corner trim and did a coat of drywall compound on the staircase wall.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 14 - Day 93.1AudreeLeeBLog - Week 14 - Day 93.2

Tomorrow evening, we will be able to grout the bathroom and finally be done with ceramic floors (don’t worry though there still plenty of tiling in our future with the back splash and tub/shower walls).

TUESDAY – DAY 94 – Lee got to spend all day working on the house again, she manage to vacuum and clean everywhere on the main floor. She also removed all the nails/screws that were sticking out and that we hadn’t yet removed since ripping up the layers of floor covering in the dinning room. Then she assembled our ASKVOLL chest with 5 drawers from Ikea, which we will use as storage in our bathroom before finally starting to assemble some of the kitchen drawers.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 14 - Day 94.1

This evening was a busy one, my dad stopped by to installed our kitchen sink light fixture while I went to pick up three light fixtures (for both bedrooms and the main entrance/living room).

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 14 - Day 94.2

Then he left to have supper with his girlfriend while Lee and I also went for supper before going to buy our hood range as we need that to finalize the kitchen cabinet placement.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 14 - Day 94.3

Then we all met back at the house and while Lee patched a few area in the sub floor (where old furnace ducks must have been), my dad and I positioned and locked in place all the cabinets on the fridge side.

WEDNESDAY – DAY 95 – Lee spent the day at the house again, assembling as many kitchen drawers as she could as well as installing the brackets where necessary in the cabinets, she also got to install some shelves and door in the completed section of cabinets.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 14 - Day 95.1

Unfortunately, though, upon opening two of the boxes, she noticed the bottom of the drawers where broken, those will need to be exchanged.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 14 - Day 95.2

My mom came over to help with the bathroom grout (I did the grout and she cleaned up a few minutes later). Meanwhile, my dad and Lee got working on moving the hood range vent over to the right by a few inches as well as lower by an inch in order for it to be perfectly centered with the hood range and connect properly. And then we tried installing it, we made the oh so stupid mistake of using a 1-1/2″ cabinet screw to mount it to the bottom of the cabinet which resulted in the screw sticking out in the cabinet before realizing the mounting screw were provided with the hood range and just sitting in the box, so we mounted it to the bottom of the cabinet with those instead. And then we all went outside to connect it with the piece that goes in the wall/look at the wild bunny that was hopping around in our yard and next thing we knew, the hood range had fallen (we had only put 2 out of 4 screws and not all the way and I guess that was a bad call). We all ran inside to discover the now dented hood range, frustrated so we called it a night. Hopefully we will be able to go exchange it, if not, we’ll just have to buy another one.

THURSDAY – DAY 96 – On my lunch I went to see if we could exchange the hood range and surprisingly got it exchanged without any problem.

The vinyl piece that we needed to replace the one we had to remove in order to move the hood range vent arrived.

My dad stopped by the house to install the remaining three light fixtures (both bedrooms and front entrance/living room). We definitely need to change the light bulbs though, the ones that came with the light fixtures are yellow and not producing enough light for our needs. But it is so nice to finally have light fixtures everywhere!

After our hockey game, we took a trip to IKEA to replace the two drawers that were broken when we opened the packaging, one of our back-ordered piece as well as get a few more items we need such as the TUPPLUR Block-out roller blinds for every single one of our main floor windows,

FRIDAY – DAY 97 – Stopped by the house to clean up a little bit, aside from that, no progress.

SATURDAY – DAY 98 – Early this morning I went to Home Depot with my brother and we picked up boards of 4′-0″ x 4′-0″ sub-floor to install everywhere on the main floor in order for the hardwood to be the same exact height as the ceramic in the kitchen and bathroom. I immediately started installing it while my brother left for a little bit. My dad came to help shortly after. Upon my brother’s return, we debated whether to start our hardwood with the ends directly against the ceramic tiles or with a board “framing” the ceramic tiles.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 14 - Day 98.1

We laid our ceramic tiles for the kitchen lengthwise from front to back of the house meaning that when walking in the kitchen (whether from the side door or dinning room) you are perpendicular to the longest side of the tile as I find this looks better. We applied the same concept for the bathroom (walking in perpendicular to the longest side of the tiles) which means those are oriented left to right of the house. For our hardwood though, we didn’t have the option of choosing the orientation as it is recommended to always install hardwood going the opposite of the floor joist in order to strengthen the floors and prevent possible waves. That left us these options against the ceramic tiles:

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 14 - Day 98.2

We ultimately all decided that having one board “framing” the tiles looked more finished so we went with that. My brother and dad got started on the installation and managed to get the second bedroom, the dinning room and most of the hallway completed. It is already looking so amazing!

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 14 - Day 98.3


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