Week 16

SUNDAY – DAY 106 – I started this morning by installing the pantry door with my grandpa’s help. Then set up to cut the molding outside and got working.  I cut all the moldings for the master bedroom and walk-in closet, nailed them in place. Once those were all cut and installed, my grandpa left.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 16 - Day 106

In the mean time, my mom had set all our interior doors on the deck and was painting them a gorgeous white.

Her friend from out of town showed up to surprise her and see the house, before taking her out for dinner. While she left to go get ready, he stayed and help me cut the moldings for the second bedroom as well as install them.

My brother was supposed to come by to finish the living room hardwood but ended up MIA.

MONDAY – DAY 107 – Today is Victoria Day here in Canada which mean Lee and I got a rare day off together. Well it wasn’t quite a day off, with her family arriving from Toronto on Friday evening we have only a few short days left to get the house finished or at the very least livable.

So today the pressure was on to get some rooms finished. Lee and I cut and installed the kitchen and dinning room moldings while my mom cleaned both bedroom’s floors. Then Lee got moving patching the nails holes in the moldings while I caulked the edges and my mom got started painting. By the end of the day, the master bedroom was fully done and painted, ready for furniture.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 16 - Day 107

Because my brother still hadn’t showed up to finish the remainder of the hardwood in the living room, I called my dad to the rescue. Together, we managed to get the rest of the living room done. But we did really struggle with the last three rows and eventually realized they weren’t tight enough against the previous rows and there was some quite obvious gaps in between them. We decided to leave it as is (not putting the last row in) as it was getting late and decide of what to do tomorrow.

TUESDAY – DAY 108 – Because Lee took the weekend off as her family is coming to visit, she ended up having to work (close nonetheless) both today and tomorrow which we weren’t expecting and quite completely screws up our plans. The only time we will have together to finish the renovations/do the last minute shopping (including a full first time groceries and picking out a couch)/move our furniture in place/unpack/set up some makeshift guest bedrooms is Thursday evening. But it gets even more complicated as Thursday is my dad’s birthday and his girlfriend is planning a birthday supper for him at a restaurant… I seriously don’t know how/when we will find time to finish everything…

But one thing at a time, we are using every moment we have to make any bit of progress we can.

As I mentioned Lee closes tonight which means she had her morning free, she woke up early and went to the house to measure and double check a few things before heading to Bath Depot to pick up our faucets. After being told that they weren’t in because of the holiday yesterday and telling the associate there that we would go elsewhere, he decided to look in their stock and miraculously found our main bathroom faucets. The basement one was not there and wouldn’t be until possibly the next day. Lee left it at that, headed to Home Depot to pick up a handful of things we needed such as a drill bit set so we can install our kitchen door handles, wood filler, silicone, etc. While there she selected another faucet for the basement bathroom, sent me a pic to confirm I also liked it and then went back to Bath Depot to get reimbursed. Turns out the new one is nicer and was about half the cost. Win-win.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 16 - Day 108.1

Meanwhile, my brother replaced the light switch by the side entrance to the proper one which matches the other (both turning on sideways rather than one sideways and one up-down). Then he ripped out the last three rows of hardwood my dad and I had installed (with the gaps) and re-did them properly. He also finished the last strip in the front entrance/living room closet and replaced the two damaged board in the second bedroom.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 16 - Day 108.2

My mom spent the entire day at our house too. She took the entire week off from work in order to be able to help us with as much as she could knowing our deadline is fast approaching. Today, she cleaned up a ton, organised the tools, made a pile of tools we were done with so my dad/brother can pick them up and give them back to who they belong. She painted two full coats of paint on the second bedroom trim, re-installed the door, vacuumed, cleaned the floors, organized the pile of leftovers in the basement (wood, drywall, sub-floor, tiles, hardwood, etc.), cleaned the basement as it is covered in dust, etc.

After work, I set out to do as much tiling in the shower/tub as possible, I didn’t make it very far as it take quite some time to make sure everything is perfectly straight and flush but made good progress anyways. My dad stopped by to pick up some tools and re-install the living room baseboard electrical heater as well as cut a few of the living room moldings outside before it got too dark.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 16 - Day 108.3

After work, Lee came to see the progress and her and my mom ended up moving some of our bedroom furniture from the basement to our actual bedroom while I was using up the last bit of my batch of mortar.

WEDNESDAY – DAY 109 – This morning again Lee woke up early to go make progress on the house before having to leave for work. She got to cut tiles using the grinder and loved it. She make quite the progress with the tiles in the tub and loved doing it, which is kind of perfect as I hate it.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 16 - Day 109.1

My mom spent the morning doing her groceries as well as starting ours a little bit too. This afternoon she went to our house to continue with the cleaning and organizing of our house.

This evening, I tried making more progress with the tub tiles, stopped to help my dad cut the metal trims we will need before deciding to cut everything we need with the table saw instead so that we would be able to bring it back to his place tomorrow and have it out of our way. We cut the side panel for the end of the kitchen by the fridge and installed it before cutting the remainder of the side panels into 4.5″ strips that we will use as kick plates rather than the plastic-y things IKEA had provided us therefore saving money and looking better.

AudreeLeeBLog - Week 16 - Day 109.2

Given that we had a nice piece of counter-top leftover from the sink cutout, we decided to trim it down and cut it into two cutting boards. They will need sanding and oiling before we can use them. I love that we can reuse this piece which would have been waste had our counter been made of another material.

THURSDAY – DAY 110 – Eek… Lee’s family is arriving tomorrow! We still don’t have a shower or water for that matter as the plumber is only gonna be able to come by tomorrow afternoon. But generally speaking the main things are done and the house is functional. We moved most of our stuff from my moms to our house, enough to be able to sleep over at our house for the very first time!!!

Mind you sleep is a big word… Once everything was brought into the house, Lee set out to try and complete the tiles in the tub/shower while I tried to unpack as much as I could, we ended up going to bed around 2:30AM.

FRIDAY – DAY 111 – Even though we technically moved in yesterday night, there is still a lot to be done, today, upon waking up at 8, Lee and I got ready and headed to IKEA to choose and buy our couch while my mom came over to clean up and help unpack. By the time we got back from IKEA, the plumber had arrived and was doing his thing, My mom and Lee assembled the couch while I went to pick up lunch. We picked up the remainder of our things at my moms dropped them off. Then left again to go do a big first grocery. We just finished putting everything we had just bought away when Lee’s family arrived, perfect timing!


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