We are home!

Just over a week ago, on Thursday May 21st, exactly 110 days after purchasing it, we officially moved into our new-to-us house and we couldn’t be happier.

AudreeLeeBlog - We are home! 01

Not everything is completed and there is still plenty to do on our list but the house is livable, mostly anyways (there’s no shower yet but we are working on that).

Even though we haven’t posted in quite a while, we didn’t forget about the blog and have been writing blog posts with our progress all along, we just haven’t quite had the time to edit them and upload all the pictures we took. It’s on our agenda though and now that we have internet at the house and a bit more time on our hands, we should be able to post our weekly progress updates in the coming weeks (scheduled back in time so they appear in order on the blog).

And we won’t be done just yet, the major renovations are done but there are still a ton of stuff for us to write about and share such as projects, decorating, organizing, storage, D.I.Y.s, tips and tricks as well as sources for all the products we selected and our budget breakdown (which we have yet to compile).

For now though, we are taking our time slowly unpacking and finishing things up while enjoying our house (:

We’ll be back soon!


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