During this whole renovation process, we had a lot of decisions to make as far as materials and finishes went to really make this house look the way we want and feel like home to us. Our decisions were influenced by the price, the quality, the brands, the ease of use, the recommendations from our friends and family as well as online reviews but most importantly by the look. We had a certain idea in mind of what we wanted our house to look like as well as a set budget, we compromised by spending more in certain categories if we were able to save in others.

It is quite complicated to select that many things and decide on that many details without having a clear picture of what everything will look like but we love the way everything came together. It truly feels like home to us now.

Here’s a list of the main items we selected:

AudreeLeeBlog - Sources 01

Hardwood floors | Ceramic tiles (for both kitchen and bathroom) + grout | Moldings: Casing 01113 + Baseboard 00239 | Interior doors | Handles | Blinds

AudreeLeeBlog - Sources 02

Double-bowl sink + sink strainer | Faucet | Cabinet frames | Drawers | Doors + door damper hinges | Handles | Cover caps to hide the holes for the adjustable shelves in the microwave cabinet | Drawer organizers | Shelf insert | Boxes for cabinet organization

Counter tops were Hammarp solid wood counter-top in oak from Ikea (which now seems to be discontinued and only available in beech or birch).

AudreeLeeBlog - Sources 03

Refrigerator | Convection Range | Dishwasher | Microwave

AudreeLeeBlog - Sources 04

Vanity | Drawer chest |  Vanity faucets |  Tub & Shower faucet | Tub tiles | Waterproofing membrane | Mosaic tiles | Niche | Toilet | Mirror + Clips

AudreeLeeBlog - Sources 05

Kitchen sink | Island pendant + shade (x3) | Bedrooms + Front entrance | Bathroom | LED lightbulbs | Dimmable LED lightbulbs

The dinning room light fixture is the only one we kept as-is, therefore, we don’t have a source for it.

AudreeLeeBlog - Sources 06

Walls everywhere | Accent wall in living room

Moldings and doors: standard white color of Behr premium plus ultra in satin enamel finish.


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