Sweet surprises (flowers)

One of the best thing about buying a house in the middle of the winter is probably discovering the plants and flowers as the snow melts away. Our yards (both front and back) are far from what we wish they were, we have big plans for them but those will involve plenty of work that we simply don’t have time to tackle all at once so we’ve resolved to go at it one small project at a time. We are “getting to know our yard” by re

searching the names of the plants and flowers as they bloom since neither of us knows very much about plants and/or gardening.

There are orange lilies lining our entire house at the front with is great because their leaves come out quite early in the spring (they were the first of all the plant to emerge form the ground) and they do a great job at hiding the plastered foundation wall. It took a little while for the stems to grow and buds to form but they have been in bloom for quite a few weeks already and there are many more buds growing daily. They seem to spread easily and grow quite tall. We have a few of those in our backyard as well.

AudreeLeeBLog - Sweet Surprises (Flowers) 01

At the beginning of June, our peonies bloomed a bright deep pink, we have a great sized bush by the stairs leading to our front door. Unfortunately they only bloomed for 2-3 weeks and were gone much too soon.

AudreeLeeBLog - Sweet Surprises (Flowers) 02AudreeLeeBLog - Sweet Surprises (Flowers) 03

These smelled so good and looked so beautiful I just had to bring some in the house. We have yet to really decorate the house so these added a bit of color and prettiness to our bedroom and dinning room in the meantime.

AudreeLeeBLog - Sweet Surprises (Flowers) 04

Then around the same time as the peonies bloomed, we discovered lupine (or Lupinus). These flowers look so awesome with their bright purple and lime green! The contrast of color between them and the peonies, is really neat. Even though they also only lasted only a few short weeks, I kind of want to go and buy a few more to plant in the backyard.

AudreeLeeBLog - Sweet Surprises (Flowers) 05

We also have hostas which are growing incredibly quickly.

AudreeLeeBLog - Sweet Surprises (Flowers) 06

Including the biggest hosta I did ever see in our backyard between the sandbox (which we plan to convert to a garden next summer) and the raised garden beds (in which we haven’t planted anything).

AudreeLeeBLog - Sweet Surprises (Flowers) 07

Of course there is also a crazy, crazy amount of weeds that seems to grow to ginormous proportions just about everywhere (we have had a really rainy spring and summer so far, I guess that helps them). We haven’t had any real time to tackle the issue so far so we are working slowly one little area at a time. In the mean time, we will just keep pretending they don’t exist… 😉


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