Summer vacation part 2

— If you missed part 1, you can find it here. —

The next day, we headed to Port Dover with Lee’s family, to swim, sunbathe & browse the little shops around. We weren’t the only ones who’d had that idea, the beach was packed but we had fun nonetheless. On our way back to her parent’s house, we stopped at a dairy bar for handmade ice cream, it was delicious! I wish I would have thought to snap a picture of the place, it definitely was vintage.

AudreeLeeBlog - Summer Vacation Part 2 01

On the third day, we took Lee’s mom shopping at Maple View mall in Burlington. We stopped for a Starbucks break and Lee made me try the “Mango Black Tea Lemonade”. She was right, it’s awesome. Then we splurged on a few items before heading to the Keg for an amazing and delicious meal with Lee’s brothers and sister-in-law. So. Much. Food.

AudreeLeeBlog - Summer Vacation Part 2 02

On our last day in Toronto, we ran a few errands, packed up the car and headed to Sandbanks provincial park where we met 10 friends for a camping weekend. It wasn’t our first time in Sandbanks per say, but it was our first time there together. We arrived, set up our tents and took a walk to the Dunes day beach (the closest one to our campground).

AudreeLeeBlog - Summer Vacation Part 2 03

There was lots of tiny minnows in the water, we had fun catching them in our hands before letting them free of course. They felt so weird swimming around in our hands, some were even able to launch themselves back in the water.

AudreeLeeBlog - Summer Vacation Part 2 04

They were calling for rain on and off for the weekend so we had planned ahead and hung a tarp above our picnic table just in case. That was a great idea as it started pouring not too long after cutting our evening short as we all went to hide in our tents. Lee and I had fun playing Yahtzee to pass time before bed.

AudreeLeeBlog - Summer Vacation Part 2 05

On the Saturday, after a happy breakfast, we spend the day on the main beach, getting in and out of the water (which was pretty cold!) and sunbathing.

AudreeLeeBlog - Summer Vacation Part 2 06

Lee had given me a nautical pedicure before we left home. Isn’t she the best?

AudreeLeeBlog - Summer Vacation Part 2 07AudreeLeeBlog - Summer Vacation Part 2 08

We finished off our day by the campfire with S’Mores and beers. Above you can see the beer/soda can cozy I crocheted for us before we left, I will share the pattern for it soon. It was definitely useful, helping the beer stay cold just a bit longer, absorbing the condensation forming on the can,  as well as hiding what we were actually drinking while we walked around the campground.

I ended up making two more for friends while we were there (:

AudreeLeeBlog - Summer Vacation Part 2 09

The next day, we woke up, had breakfast, packed up our things and headed to the beach until mid-afternoon. We found this little guy while packing the tent away, but don’t worry we moved him to a safe spot.

AudreeLeeBlog - Summer Vacation Part 2 10

How was your vacation? Where did you go?


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