Ikea catalog 2016 – Our picks

Last week we got some happy mail delivered right to our mailbox : a brand new 2016 Ikea catalog. If you read this post about the sources/products we used to put our house back together after we gutted the main floor (you can catch the day-by-day of our renovation story here), you know that we are big fans of Ikea.

I love that their products are generally inexpensive and that they can be transformed and hacked in so many different ways according to each person’s style.

We are in full organizing and decorating mode over here try to figure out the best way to utilize the space we have all the while keeping things looking pretty so this came at the perfect time. Lee and I spent some time together thumbing through the pages picking out our favorite items.

I was inspired to share them here when I saw this post from Jen over at iHeart Organizing.

So, without further ado, here’s our picks:

AudreeLeeBLog - Ikea Catalog 2016 01

Tablet Stand | Work Lamp | Armless Outdoor Chair | Valet Hanger | Greenhouse | Chair with Towel Rack | Armchair | Chopping Board | Bottle with Stopper | Vase | Basket | Tray | Glasses | Casserole with Lid

We also selected these two items which don’t seem to be on Ikea’s website just yet:

AudreeLeeBLog - Ikea Catalog 2016 02

AudreeLeeBLog - Ikea Catalog 2016 03

Since we have been living in our house for a few months already, we already have all the big pieces of furniture we needed so we didn’t really include any of those in the list above, we stuck more towards the smaller decorative or practical items.

What are your 2016 Ikea catalog picks? Any good Ikea hacks we should know about or look into?


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