EASY Minion Cupakes

AudreeLeeBlog - EASY Minion Cupcakes 01

Last Sunday, Lee needed to bring a desert to work for an event. I, of course, immediately volunteered to bake something, any reason is a good reason to bake. We wanted something in individual portions rather than something that would need to be cut and served and we decided to make something fun. But what?

Lee came up with the great idea of making Minion cupcakes. We searched Pinterest together for ideas. Most of them were made out of fondant or Twinkies and they all seemed complicated, expensive (needing a bunch of tools and materials we didn’t have) and mostly: time consuming.

So we started thinking of options to make good looking yet simple minion cupcakes and this is what we came up with:

AudreeLeeBlog - EASY Minion Cupcakes 02

You will need:

AudreeLeeBlog - EASY Minion Cupcakes 03

  • Confetti cake mix (and ingredients on the box, usually eggs, water and oil);
  • Cupcake liners;
  • Vanilla icing;
  • Yellow food coloring;
  • Life Saver mints;
  • Black icing;
  • Wilton #5 tip with adapter.

AudreeLeeBlog - EASY Minion Cupcakes 04

Follow the directions on the box to make the cake mix and pour in 24 lined (preferably with royal blue cupcake liners).

Tip: I always replace the water by milk and the oil by unsweetened apple sauce in equal amounts, this results in more moist and slightly healthier cupcakes.

Let cool completely before icing.

AudreeLeeBlog - EASY Minion Cupcakes 05

When your cupcakes have cooled, mix the vanilla icing with yellow food coloring until the desired bright yellow color is reached. Ice the cupcakes using a baking spatula.

AudreeLeeBlog - EASY Minion Cupcakes 06

I suggest using a paper towel to practice various mouths, hairstyles, going around the eyes (mints) to make the glasses and filling the middle to make the pupil.

A few thing to note:

  • Minion have 3 types of hair: bald (no hair), little sprigs sticking up and split down the middle combed over on each side.
  • They have either 1 or 2 eyes.
  • Theirs mouths can be done any way you wish, I played around with a few different options.

When you are ready to decorate simply follow these simple steps:

AudreeLeeBlog - EASY Minion Cupcakes 07

  1. Position the first (or only) eye (mint);
  2. Fill in the middle of the eye (pupil) with black icing;
  3. Circle the mint (eye) with icing, all the way around;
  4. If making a one-eyed minion skip to step 6, if making a two-eyed minion, add second mint (eye) and circle the second mint (eye) with icing with doing the section between the two eyes;
  5.  Fill in the middle of the second eye (pupil) with black icing;
  6. Add black lines for the temple of the glasses;
  7. Draw a mouth of your choosing;
  8. Had hair if you wish to do so.

**I found it easier to put the cupcake I was decorating on a small napkin and turn the napkin with my second hand as I went around the mints with the black icing in my first hand rather than going around the mint with the tip itself.

AudreeLeeBlog - EASY Minion Cupcakes 08

Have fun playing with different variations and combos of hair/mouths/eyes.

Cupcakes can be kept at room temperature but I do recommend serving them the same day as you make them for fear that the black coloring of the icing will stain the mints and that the icing and cupcakes will start tasting minty.

AudreeLeeBlog - EASY Minion Cupcakes 09

You can easily change things up/improve these by:

  • using banana cupcakes instead of confetti mix
  • using grey icing around the eyes instead of the black
  • using brown and green icing for Bob’s pupils instead of simply black
  • using royal blue cupcake liners

Unfortunately, we were tight on time so we had to do with what we had but I still think they turned out pretty good. They sure were a hit at the event.

AudreeLeeBlog - EASY Minion Cupcakes 10

Are you in the Minion craze like us? Have you made Minion cupcakes? We’d love to hear your ideas and see how your easy Minion cupcakes turned out!


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