This morning I spent a few minutes scrolling through my Instagram feed as I do each day. A friend of mine had posted a picture that had “September” written across it, as she does on the first day of every month. The caption “Chapter 9 of 12. #September”.

AudreeLeeBlog - September - Chapter 9

So simple yet so meaningful. Each year is a book in the series of your life, each month is a chapter and each day is a new page. Live each day/week/month to the fullest. As fall, winter and the holidays approach, we start to look back on our year, on the things we want to change, improve or even remove in our lives. But why should we wait for the New Year to make a change or to try something new? Resolutions are great but they don’t all need to start on January 1st.

Wouldn’t it be more realistic to set resolutions for a month at a time rather than a whole year? Wouldn’t it be more motivating to have a closer deadline such as the end of the month rather than sometime by the end of the year? Wouldn’t that hold us accountable and make us feel so much more accomplished come New Year’s Eve?

So this September, I’m very much looking forward to the start of my favorite season: Fall and a shift in the weather all the while having a very full to-do list (that needs to be tackled before the colder months).

What are you looking forward to this month? Do you set yourself monthly goals? Do you treat each month as its own chapter?


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