The Mud Oven | Part One

Yesterday evening, I took Lee out for a special surprise date. I surprised her with a bouquet of flowers.

AudreeLeeBLog - The Mud Oven Part One 01

Then, I took her to the Mud Oven, a paint-it-yourself ceramics studio in Ottawa. As I mentioned before, both Lee and I are very artistic and creative so I figured this would make for the perfect date.

Upon arriving, you are directed to select a piece to work on, they have wide range of unfinished  ceramic items to choose from (mugs, platters, ornaments, tealight holders, tea pots, figurines, etc.). There is truly something for everyone and they are constantly changing their selections and updating it with seasonal items. They also have finished items displayed around the studio to give you ideas, inspiration as well as show you the many different possibilities.

The cost is indicated on each item and is all inclusive (meaning you have access to the studio for as long as you want and all the materials needed to complete your piece are included).

We had a hard time deciding which piece to work on but Lee ultimately went with the owl planter. She is thinking it will be great to store all of her paint brushes in once we set up our home office/craft studio.

AudreeLeeBLog - The Mud Oven Part One 02

I selected a yarn bowl. I have never used such a bowl to hold yarn for me while I crochet but I think it would be fun to try and practical.

AudreeLeeBLog - The Mud Oven Part One 03

Next up, we were given a few instructions, tips as well as do’s and don’ts. Next came the fun part of selecting the colors we wished to use for our pieces among the 45 options available.

AudreeLeeBLog - The Mud Oven Part One 04

The atmosphere in the studio is very relaxed, everyone is creating at their own pace and chatting away. They have stencils, guides and an idea book to help you decide on a direction for your piece as well as all the supplies you need (paintbrushes of various sizes, pencils, erasers, practice tiles, Lazy Suzans, sponges, aprons and even a hairdryer to speed up the process between coats). You can select more colors as needed too which is great.

This was Lee’s original color selection:

AudreeLeeBLog - The Mud Oven Part One 05

And mine:

AudreeLeeBLog - The Mud Oven Part One 06

Lee also brought this adorable owl over to our table as inspiration for her piece.

AudreeLeeBLog - The Mud Oven Part One 07

We were told we would need about 2-3 hours to complete a piece. We spent 2.5 hours at the studio and ended up leaving our unfinished pieces there to be completed another day. With having to give 3 coats everywhere (to get an opaque stroke free finish) and our perfectionism/attention to details, we didn’t quite have the time to complete our projects but they seem to be used to people like us. We filled out a incomplete project form and left them in their care (at no extra cost!), we will be going back next week to finish them up.

We did however, take pictures of our pieces “in progress” before leaving. We are really excited to see how they will turn out, as you can tell the colors they are now are nothing like the ones selected above… but they will be once they are glazed and fired in the kiln.

Here’s what Lee’s owl planter looked like after tonight, outside and inside:

AudreeLeeBLog - The Mud Oven Part One 08AudreeLeeBLog - The Mud Oven Part One 09

And here’s what my Yarn bowl looked like, outside and inside :

AudreeLeeBLog - The Mud Oven Part One 10AudreeLeeBLog - The Mud Oven Part One 11

We both went with the paint splatters for the insides of our pieces (:

We are excited to go back to finish our pieces and even more to see the final product after the glaze and firing. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on these.

Have you even been to a paint-it-yourself ceramics studio or to the Mud Oven itself? Any other creative date ideas we should look into?


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