Hallway Gallery Wall |Work In Progress

While shopping at Micheal’s the other day, Lee and I noticed frames on sale for a really good price, we stopped and started debating where we could use these in our house. We have yet to really decorate the house as other projects are higher up on the priority list but we figured we might as well go at it with baby steps and do one area at a time.

We both immediately agreed the hallway wall would be the best spot to start with as it is the first thing you see coming in from the side door which we use more often than not. Lee had this idea of having some sort of calendar in that spot since our schedules are so different and we are constantly on the go, which I think would be great.

We knew we would need a bigger frame for this. We played around with various sizes and frames colors in the store until we had an arrangement we liked and thought would look good in our hallway.

AudreeLeeBlog - Hallway Gallery Wall 01

Grey frame 18″x24″ | White frame 11″x14″ | Black frame 8″x10″

A few days later, I decided I wanted to see what they looked like on the wall even though we hadn’t yet had a chance to select picture to put in the frames or time to create our DIY calendar. I left the protective plastic films on, just in case, simply using a knife to slid a small opening on the back, just big enough for me to access the hanger and hang them.

AudreeLeeBlog - Hallway Gallery Wall 02

They have been like this since… Maybe one day, we’ll actually add pictures to them… Who knows?


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