Past Projects | DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

I thought it would be fun, from time to time to share past projects we have made and still use to this day. We have many of those throughout our house and better yet, we can attest to how well they stood the test of time. So here’s the story behind the first project in this series of past projects.

AudreeLeeBlog - Past Project - DIY Coffee Filter Wreath 01

Last December, a few months before buying our house and starting this ‘ol blog. I was looking to make a Christmas-y project that wasn’t your standard red/green colors and that wouldn’t scream Christmas either, as I didn’t want to have to put it away only a few weeks later. I decided on something more winter-y than Christmas-y in order to achieve that.

While searching Pinterest for the perfect idea, I discovered the popular Coffee Filter Wreath and knew that I just had to make one. I purchased the needed supplies: a wreath form (about 10$ at Micheal’s) and a few packages of coffee filters (100 pack for 1$ at the dollar store). I also pulled out my trusty hot glue gun (and extra glue sticks) as well as a sharpie marker.

AudreeLeeBlog - Past Project - DIY Coffee Filter Wreath 02

I don’t have detailed pictures of the process as this was done about a year ago, before this little blog was even a thought in our minds, but it’s quite simple:

  1. Drape a coffee filter over a sharpie marker (or any other pen/pencil), add a dab of hot glue to the tip and press onto the wreath form for a few seconds.
  2. Repeat over and over again until the wreath form is entirely covered.
  3. Trim with scissors if needed.

Luckily, I sent Lee pictures of my progress as I went so you can see for yourself what the process looked like:

AudreeLeeBlog - Past Project - DIY Coffee Filter Wreath 03

I kept the back of my wreath free of coffee filters so it could sit flat against the wall. I added a wide black ribbon which I secured to the back with hot glue (the wreath weights virtually nothing so the hot glue is enough to hold the ribbon securely in place). To help keep the coffee filters around the edge facing forward, I added a piece of cardboard (recycled empty cereal box) cut into a ring shape and secured it with hot glue.

AudreeLeeBlog - Past Project - DIY Coffee Filter Wreath 04

While the color is as neutral as it gets, the textured feel and look of this wreath is amazing. It makes it look so sophisticated.

AudreeLeeBlog - Past Project - DIY Coffee Filter Wreath 05

This project took a bit of time to make but was perfect to work on while watching a Christmas movie. I especially love how versatile this project is… I had originally wanted to use it as a winter/Christmas wreath but I liked the look so much that when we moved, I hung it above our bed in an effort to fill at least one of our blank walls and it’s been there ever since.

AudreeLeeBlog - Past Project - DIY Coffee Filter Wreath 06

Have you made a coffee filter wreath yet? Wold you keep it hung all year round as a decor piece rather than a seasonal decoration?


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