The First Snowfall

Yesterday morning, I woke up to my alarm, sleepily walked over to the kitchen sink to turn on the light and stopped dead in my tracks as I caught sight of the white blanket of snow covering everything outside. There was already a few inches of perfectly white snow layed across our yard.

AudreeLeeBlog - The First Snowfall 01

I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning as I excitedly ran back to the bedroom to wake up Lee and show her. The reaction on her face told me she felt the same excitement!

AudreeLeeBlog - The First Snowfall 02

Unfortunately I had to get ready and leave for work but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the beauty surrounding me.

AudreeLeeBlog - The First Snowfall 03

The air smelled of winter and snowflakes and everything was so quiet, all the sounds muffled by the freshly fallen snow.

AudreeLeeBlog - The First Snowfall 04

Fortunately, Lee was off and she sneaked outside to capture a few close-up images of this first snowfall which we are sharing today!

AudreeLeeBlog - The First Snowfall 05

Did it snow where you are? Do you still get excited for the first snow like we do?


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