A Late Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wow, December just flew by for us! Both Lee and I had to work during the holidays which made this holiday season even more chaotic for us but we made it through. We spent Christmas with my side of the family and were able to sneak away from work for a few days (to Toronto) to spend New Year’s with Lee’s family even though an unexpected snowstorm delayed our drive there by a day.

AudreeLeeBlog - A Late Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Now that the Christmas decorations have been put away, that our real tree has been picked up by the city (to be turned into wood chips) and that we’ve settled back into our regular routine, it is time to share our goals and resolutions for 2016.

Blogging goals

  • Blog more regularly and consistently; we have a ton of projects we need to take pictures of so we can share them here, I hope to bring this little blog up to date to our current projects as well as post a full home tour by the end of the year.
  • Grow our blog; we started this blog mostly for us, to keep track of our projects and progress with the house, a journal of sorts, which means we didn’t really share it with our friends and family, but, a few of you somehow found our little blog and it has been so exciting and such a great feeling to have comments from you and feel like we aren’t just talking to ourselves.
  • Finalize our blog design; as mentioned above, we launched this blog mainly for ourselves, never really expecting anyone to read it so we didn’t put too much efforts into tagging and categorizing our posts or even filling out our about page which is still blank…These are things we want to improve on.
  • Get social; since we hope to share our blog with people this year, it only makes sense for us to get our little blog on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even Ravelry.

Of course we also have some personal goals such as exercising more, learning more about our SLR cameras, travelling (we may have 1 or 2 trips in the works), getting a better control of our schedules in order to spend more time together, and even maybe plans for opening an Etsy shop.

Are you the type to set goals for every new year? What are your resolutions for 2016?


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