What’s in our gym bags?

I mentioned in this post that Lee and I had made it a goal to start working out more throughout 2016. In fact, we joined a gym together with my mom last October and only ended up going once before the rush of the Holidays kicked in. With the new year upon us, we gave ourselves an ultimatum, either we go a few times a week or we pay the cancellation fees and call it quits, enough tossing money out the window for a membership we don’t use.

Obviously exercising at the gym meant the need for gym bags and a few basic essentials.

AudreeLeeBlog - What's in our Gym Bags

Ipod shuffle | EOS LipbalmLock | Face Wipes | Headbands | Hair Elastics | Water bottle | Deodorant | Bobby Pins | Gym Towel

Of course, we add our running shoes and work out clothes too 😉

We usually head to the gym right after work then head home for a much needed shower rather than use the paying showers from the gym which eliminates the need for toiletries in our gym bag. With that said we are currently averaging 3-4 times a week at the gym on top of our weekly ball hockey game and it feels great. We are only on week two but we both already noticed an increase in our energy levels and general moods. Plus, after working out, we tend to reach for healthier foods which is bound to help as well.

Have you made any health/exercise/fitness related resolutions for 2016? Are you keeping up with them so far?


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