Our Main Floor Plan

We have so many projects to share with you in the coming weeks and because they are strewn throughout the house and we haven’t done a proper house tour since the renovations, I though posting our main floor plan might help you understand where everything is and exactly what we are working with.

So let me introduce you to our house, a 864 square feet bungalow built in 1961 on a 6000 square feet lot.

AudreeLeeBlog - Our Main Floor Plan

Of course the plan above demonstrates the current layout of our house. It didn’t change all that much since we bought it aside from the stair railing that we removed and replaced with a half-wall in order to add an entire section of cabinets to the kitchen (read more about that here).

We love our house so much, it is perfect for our needs and it feels so much more “us” with every bit of renovation/project/DIY/hard work that we put into it. But it also has its challenges in terms of how small our space really is and how we organize and use every square inch available, luckily we have many plans to counter those “problems” so stay turned for that.

We will eventually show you our basement plan too along with all the details of the renovations we plan to do there but for now we are focusing on completing the main floor.

Do you have any favorite house plan? Would you ever live in a small bungalow like we do or do you prefer a big two story house?


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