It’s February!

Happy February everyone! Though February is mainly considered as the month of love with Valentine’s day and all, it holds a special place in our hearts for a whole different other reason. In fact, 1 year ago, we officially became home owners.

AudreeLeeBlog - It's February 01

We fell in love with our little 864 square feet bungalow and already had big plans for everything we wanted to change. The day after we got the keys, we compiled this post as basically a big to-do list of everything we hoped to accomplish and update to make this house feel like home. It’s crazy now looking back at those picture and at all the progress we’ve made. We can hardly believe our kitchen had green cabinets and blue tiles while our bathroom and horrible beige and red tiles complete with very wavy and uneven grout lines.

We had no idea we’d dive as deeply in renovations as we did all at once, but we are so glad we did. It is such an amazing feeling to wake up in this house every morning and look around to all our hard work and truly be able to say that we love it. We’ve learned a great deal along the way, both in the construction/DIY skills department and in the personal department as well. It was a challenging but so very rewarding experience and we can’t wait to do it all over again with our basement! Though that will wait a little bit, we want to finish of all the little details of the upstairs before launching ourselves into another crazy renovation.

P.S. it seems I somehow completely forgot to do a January sketch… And because it didn’t feel right to completely skip over January, I completed the sketch last night and decided to share it now:

AudreeLeeBlog - It's February 02

Do you have any special plans for this February? Any love celebration on the agenda? Or does this month hold another special significance for you (anniversary, birthday, etc.)?


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