Freezing Rain

On Wednesday morning we woke up to the sound of freezing rain hitting our bedroom window, we could barely see outside through the ice on the glass.

AudreeLeeBlog - Freezing Rain 01

We’ve had such a wide array of weather conditions lately; everything from a 17°C Christmas Eve to an 18″ snow accumulation in a single day on December 29th, a +10°C and sunny feels-like-spring day on Tuesday and then this freezing rain the very next day.

AudreeLeeBlog - Freezing Rain 02AudreeLeeBlog - Freezing Rain 03

Back in November, we shared pictures of the first snowfall of the season, so we thought it would be fun to follow those with the even more interesting pictures of this freezing rain! Do you see the butterfly shape formed by the ice in the picture below?

AudreeLeeBlog - Freezing Rain 04

I love that all the picture feel like they were taken using a filter to achieve the same type of coloring even though, truly, they were simply taken on a grey overcast day. It’s kind of breathtaking to look around and see everything covered in a layer of ice don’t you think? These pictures remind me of snow days as kids, when school was cancelled and we got to stay home all day.

AudreeLeeBlog - Freezing Rain 05AudreeLeeBlog - Freezing Rain 06AudreeLeeBlog - Freezing Rain 07


I’m so glad Lee had time to capture these around our little abode. The first few pictures are from the ice through our bedroom window, the next batch is from the ice on top of our mailbox which slid off it a little bit after I checked the mail and this last one is from the top or our fence.

AudreeLeeBlog - Freezing Rain 08

How has the weather been where you live? Any abnormal temperatures? Are we the only ones who actually kind of like freezing rain?


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