Adding Curtains To Make A Window Look Bigger

When we moved into our house, after all the renovations were complete, we knew right away we had to add some sort of sun-blocking window covering. Our front windows face East which means they get all of the morning sun shinning directly through them whereas the back of our house faces West and gets all of the afternoon sun. Since every room has a window facing either East or West (as we don’t have any windows on the sides of our house), there is always natural light shinning in. This is great for us especially in the dead of winter when we want to get every bit of sunshine we can get. But it quickly turns to being not such a great thing in the summer as it highly affect the temperature of those rooms.

AudreeLeeBlog - Adding Curtains To Make A Window Look Bigger 01

So, we decided as mentioned here to get these Tupplur block out roller binds from Ikea for every single one of our windows. They might not be the cutest option out there but we think they actually fit in quite nicely with the modern simple look of our house. Plus, they do a fantastic job at keeping the warm sun rays out in the summer and they solved our immediate needs for privacy. That being said, we knew adding curtains to the living room window was a must but we were so undecided on which curtain rod and which curtains to select that it took us months to decide.

We debated which color the curtain rod should be (black, chrome, brushed nickel, white, etc.) and what style of finial to go for (something small, something big, something subdued, something bold, etc.). That’s not even mentioning all the curtain options: textures, bold in color or neutral, bold print, small print or no print, etc.

We looked at many options but nothing felt “right” so we waited, figuring that once we would find the right one we’d simply know. And we did! On an recent Ikea trip, we came across the VILBORG curtains and we both intermediately knew they were the ones. The pictures on the Ikea website don’t really do them justice, they are striped with tiny lines of light gray and white giving them a very subtle textured feeling and they are the perfect color to not blend with the wall while also not standing out too much from it. Here’s a close-up shot to show you the texture of the front of the panel and the much needed white (read: reflective a.k.a. sun blocking) backing:

AudreeLeeBlog - Adding Curtains To Make A Window Look Bigger 02

The next step was finding a curtain rod, which we did, two days later at Home Depot. We decided on this one.

AudreeLeeBlog - Adding Curtains To Make A Window Look Bigger 03

Even thought they classified it as a classic style, we think it works quite nicely in our modern decor.  We were also quite happy to see that the rod didn’t only come with the installation brackets but also included the mounting hardware (screws and drywall plastic anchors).

AudreeLeeBlog - Adding Curtains To Make A Window Look Bigger 04AudreeLeeBlog - Adding Curtains To Make A Window Look Bigger 05

When came time to installing everything, we decided to hang our curtains halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling and 12″ past the window on either side in order to make our window appear even bigger than it really is.

This is a very popular curtain hanging trick (high and wide) and it worked like a charm. The new curtains add so much softness and coziness to our living room all the while making it feel like the window is huge. We love it!

AudreeLeeBlog - Adding Curtains To Make A Window Look Bigger 06

Now we just need to wash, dry and iron them. Oh and hem the bottom of them too… Baby steps, guys, baby steps!

What tricks have you used to make a window feel bigger and brighter? Do you prefer more understated curtains or something bold that catches everyone’s attention?


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