DIY Colorful Vase

While snapping pictures of Lee’s AMAZING ABSTRACT FLOWER PAINTING which we hung over our bedroom dresser the other day, I noticed an albeit small problem area…

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Colorful Vase 01

A fews days after moving in, we stumbled upon these fake flowers at the dollar store and figured they would add the perfect punch of color along with a subtle dose of texture to our room. With a price tag of 1$ each (for a total of 3$), it was a no-brainer. We immediately arranged them by simply bending the stems at the wanted height and shoving them in a milk bottle resembling ENSIDIG vase from Ikea which we had on hand. It was a quick little decoration to brighten our dresser.

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Colorful Vase 02

But… As much as we liked our “flowers”, the bent stems and clear glass combo didn’t quite fall in the good pages of our book. With having finally hung Lee’s abstract flower painting, it was time to address it. I grabbed a bottle of acrylic paint in bright yellow (one of the colors from Lee’s painting) and my clean + empty vase and got to work making a DIY colorful vase.

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Colorful Vase 03

First, I squirted a blob of paint into the vase, then I slowly rotated the vase around covering the inside as I went, adding more paint and repeating when necessary. I found it helpful to work over an old peanut butter jar lid to catch the excess paint especially near the top of the vase (a disposable plastic plate or bowl would also work). Once the entire inside was covered, I laid two chopsticks across the lid to act as a support for my vase so that I could rest it upside down and get as much excess paint out as possible to speed up the drying process.

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Colorful Vase 04

About an hour later, flipped the vase right side up and simply let it sit like that for a few days (I left it for an entire week to be certain it was fully dry). Drying time can vary depending on the size and shape of your vase as well as your type of paint so I would definitely recommend letting it sit for a while. I would also add that having acrylic inside the vase wasn’t an issue in this case given that it will only hold fake flowers, this would definitely not be something we would recommend for a vase which would be filled with water.

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Colorful Vase 05

Having the vase upside down on the chopsticks caused the rim to get a little messy with paint but I was able to quickly clean things up with an exacto.

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Colorful Vase 06

This entire DIY project took less than 5 minutes to complete (not including drying time of course) and was absolutely free since I already had the paint on hand. We really love the extra punch of color the vase brings and how it balances the look of the yellow candle on the other side of the dresser.

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Colorful Vase 07

Of course before putting the flowers back in the vase, I took the time to cut the stems at the proper length this time. Now the whole arrangement looks much better, don’t you think?

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Colorful Vase 08

Have you ever considered painted the inside of a clear glass vase rather than its outside before?


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