Crochet WIP | The Granite Cape

I work in an office building and since we have one thermostat which controls all 6 of our company’s offices, I find it really hard to have a constant and comfortable temperature. Some days are really hot, some are really cold no matter how much we play with the thermostats (in fact, we passed this meme around the office and found it quite fitting!). I’ve been looking for something warm that would work well over most of my work wardrobe and would look professional enough to be worn in front of customers. But I had yet to find anything I liked in store.

Then I saw Stephanie Lau from All About Ami‘s pattern for The Granite Cape! It seems like the perfect piece of clothing to toss over any of my work outfits. The stitch used seems tight enough to be warm (not letting too much air through), and almost blanket like. I can picture myself snuggle up in it working away at my computer.

So even though I have many crochet work in progress (WIP) on my hooks, I decided to add this one too, with a goal to have it completed by the end of the winter. I especially love the color Stephanie choose to make hers, it looks like such a fantastic neutral which would pair well with just about anything.

Unfortunately though, this color wasn’t available at my craft store on the day I went to buy yarn for this project, so, I selected a different kind of yarn in a similar color.

AudreeLeeBlog - Crochet WIP - The Granite Cape 01

I bought skeins of Lion Brand – Vanna’s Choice Yarn in Linen for my version of The Granite Cape. I love the soft neutral beige color, I think it will look great with most of my work clothes.

Before I started my project though, I worked up a small swatch using the Granite stitch which was new to me. I did that to familiarize myself with this stitch as well as test that my gauge/tension was similar to Stephanie‘s.

AudreeLeeBlog - Crochet WIP - The Granite Cape 02

Luckily, my swatch came out with the proper dimensions and I got the hang of this new stitch really easily. It was time to start the project! I decided to keep notes of when and for how long I worked on this project thinking it would be fun to know how many hours and crochet sessions it would take to complete this project. Here’s my progress so far:

Session 1 – 11 first rows – About 1.5 hours (including 30 minute of frogging and redoing 3 rows after I noticed a mistake)

AudreeLeeBlog - Crochet WIP - The Granite Cape 03

Session 2 – 32 rows – About 3 hours

AudreeLeeBlog - Crochet WIP - The Granite Cape 04

Session 3 – 28 rows – About 2 hours

AudreeLeeBlog - Crochet WIP - The Granite Cape 05

I’m loving the beautiful and rich texture of this stitch so much, it is a pleasure to crochet. I can’t wait to see and try on the final product!

What do you use to keep warm on particularly cold days in the office? Have you ever kept track of your progress and the time you’ve spend and the amount of session it took to complete a project?


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