Beach Vacation Essentials

We mentioned in this post that we recently enjoyed a two week vacation in the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Most of our time there was spent on the beach. Knowing we would spend so much time by the ocean, these items were the first to make it into our luggage.

AudreeLeeBlog - Beach Vacation Essentials

Turkish Towels – We wrote about these in this post and we seriously can’t say enough good things about them. We bought ours specifically for this trip having heard great thing about them and we were not disappointed. These towels are so thin, they barely take up any room in your luggage but they also absorb much better than regular towels and they dry faster too. They were the perfect size to sunbathing on and we found it easier to shake the sand off them than it would be on regular towels. A win all around.

After-sun gel – This gel feels really amazing on the skin especially on sun-burnt areas as it is always cool on application. It goes on thinner than the after-sun lotion mentioned below and we prefer it for our faces and/or to put on the go as it seems to absorb faster . It also does not have the sticky feeling we hate in certain gel-creams.

After-sun lotion – This after-sun lotion is one of our favorites, it smells good and hydrates your skin so well. We put it on immediately after we get out of the sun for the day and after showering too to keep our skin moisturized and lock in that sun kissed color.

Waterproof Camera – This was one of those purchases we made feeling like maybe it was a splurge rather than a necessity but we’ve since changed our minds. Yes you can definitely go without one, we have in the past but being able to bring your camera everywhere, without having to worry about it getting wet or the humidity gives you peace of mind and allows you to catch so many more shots/memories. We literally took ours swimming in the ocean and Lee was able to catch great shots of her cousin body surfing waves.

Bubba – These are perfect for drinking on the beach as they keep your drinks cold for hours even in the hot sun, the close-able opening is ideal to prevent sand from getting in your drink.

Sunscreen – Obviously this is a priority and not just for beach vacations. We love that this particular brand doesn’t have the typical sunscreen smell (it actually smells good) and that it doesn’t irritate my skin like other brands do.

Leave-In Conditioner –  This is a life hair saver! The salt water from the ocean dries up our hair in no time and regular conditioner applied after shampooing doesn’t seem to be enough to hydrate them. This product can be applied on wet or dry hair, it smells great and it really makes a big difference in the look and feel of our hair, we bring it on all our beach vacations.

SPF Lipbalm – A must for long hours in the sun especially by the ocean, trust me, sun-burnt lips are not fun.

Water Bottle –  This water bottle is a favorite of ours, we use them daily and bring there everywhere with us so it was no surprise that made it on the trip too. We bring them empty in our carry on bags and fill them at the airport water fountains after clearing security (therefore avoiding having to pay ridiculous prices for airport water bottles). The  carabiner clip made it ideal to bring on the few waterfall hikes we took.

Wet bikini bag –  We don’t have this exact one (ours is a fabric one that we bought at bikini village a few years ago) but a bag like this is perfect to hold your still wet bathing suit (and/or even a wet towel) after a day at the beach. It is also quite handy if you want to take one last swim on the day you fly back home as you don’t have to worry about your wet bathing suit being in contact with the rest of the clothes in your luggage.

P.S. The prices of some of these products in the links above are simply ridiculous, we didn’t buy ours online but figured this would be the easiest way for you to see exactly which product we were talking about.

Are you planning a trip to the south to escape the last few weeks of winter? What are your essentials for a beach vacation?


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