DIY Pom-pom Flower Decor

On a recent trip to Micheal’s Lee and I spotted an adorable little vase. As with everything decor related, we always try to decide in-store where it will go in our house before actually purchasing it in an effort to avoid spending money on things we don’t have room for. Luckily, I immediately had a vision of exactly what I would do with it and this little vase made its way home with us. Even better, it was marked down by 40% making it only 3.59$ (instead of the original price of 5.99$).

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Pom-pom Flower Decor 01

I quickly gathered my materials and got to work. To make your own Pom-pom Flower Decor you will need a small vase, yarn in coordinating color(s), scissors, a pompom maker and some branches.

Step one: Pick one or many yarn colors that coordinate with your vase. I selected only one: Lion Brand – Vanna White in #099 Linen, but you could easily pick more than one color for your arrangement.

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Pom-pom Flower Decor 02

Step two: Using a pompom maker (I used my 1-3/8″ clover pom-pom maker), make as many pom-poms as you which to have in your vase (most design expert suggests going with odd numbers for decor groupings). I decided on 3 pom-pom flowers.

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Pom-pom Flower Decor 03

Step three: Cut as many tree branches as you need, all in varying lengths to create a beautiful arrangement. Test how they will look by placing them in the vase and trim accordingly.

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Pom-pom Flower Decor 04

Step four: Using a hot glue gun, glue the yarn pom-pom to the branch. I “opened” up my pom-pom and put the dot of hot glue as close to the center as possible so that it wouldn’t show and that the pom-pom would sit nicely atop the branch.

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Pom-pom Flower Decor 05

And voila in just a few minute you’ve made yourself some DIY pom-pom flower decor! Since I had everything else on hand, my total cost for this project came to 3.59$ (the cost of the vase).

AudreeLeeBlog - DIY Pom-pom Flower Decor 06

If you like the look but don’t want to make your own or are looking for inspiration of colors and styles, look on Etsy, many great vendors have pom-pom flower for sale. You could try bamboo skewers or decorative branches as the stem if tree branches aren’t available near you.

Have you used pom-pom to decorate anything before? Did you ever think of making your own “flower” to match a vase?